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AdaptiveVoice is now accepting new clients on a case by case basis. Please send an email to if you have interest in obtaining a copy of the Compass software.

AdaptiveVoice is a stand-alone, all-inclusive software program for blind, low-vision, and seniors that enables access to the most-used functions of their computer. CDesk is not merely a screen reader or magnification program. CDesk is a single program with twenty core applications, built from the ground up to be extremely intuitive, simple to use, and easy to learn by utilizing a consistent user interface. 'PEGGY’ is our user friendly speech recognition system that allows a totally hands free user experience.
CDesk COMPASS   Already have a new computer? Then this is the easy way to go! CDesk COMPASS has everything CDesk offers, and you can install it on your home computer right from our website today!
$595.00 per license

CDesk NAVIGATOR Plus This is the all-inclusive package! With CDesk NAVIGATOR, you get a FULL computer with 21.5" monitor, keyboard, mouse, a printer, and the FULL CDesk COMPASS program in one plug-and-play package! We can even come and set up the system for you!
$2295.00 to start Navigating!

CDesk NAVIGATOR with PEGGY Speech Recognition
Do you want to talk to your computer and have it talk back to you? CDesk NAVIGATOR with PEGGY allows you to have a new computer, everything that the CDesk program offers, and now with complete control using only your voice! Look Mom...No Hands!

CDesk EDGE Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet The CDesk Edge Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a full Windows 8.1 computer, I3 dual-core processor, 2GB memory, Microsoft type keyboard and a high resolution 12" display screen. The EDGE Pro 3 has a unique user interface that allows blind and low-vision users to access most of the CDesk functionality by just using your thumbs. The EDGE Pro 3 comes with the full CDesk Compass Suite of 21 applications.
$2340.00 per license

Vista Live Document Camera with OCR The Vista Live Document Camera does TRIPLE DUTY. It will act as a CCTV device for looking at magazines, books and your mail by enlarging the print on the monitor. It will read your documents to you utilizing Optical Character Recognition. It can be used as a Web Cam for making video phone calls. For Students, It can be used to record lectures for playback later.

Languages Add-onWant CDesk in Spanish, French, German, Polish, Romanian, or another language? With this simple add-on, you can have CDesk in your home in any language, and have any emails, or documents translated for you in real time, with ease. It's as simple as ABC!

Want to try out CDesk right now? Here's how you do it!

Download a 15 day trial version right now and see what CDesk can do for you. The trial version is a fully functional copy of CDesk. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email recognizing your purchase and the removal of the trial version limitations. No other steps are required.