CDesk by AdaptiveVoice

Frequently Asked Questions

System Requirements
CDesk will operate on almost any Windows personal computer that was produced within the last 10 years.

Operating Systems:  XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Memory:  1 gigabyte  (2 gigabyte recommended)
Hard Drive: CDesk programs require 200 megabytes.

Firewalls and Virus protection programs

An important feature of CDesk is that it checks for program updates every time you start CDesk. You will often hear the system voice say that it is downloading one or more files and end by saying System Update Complete. This is normal behavior for CDesk. Several consumer grade 'protection' products consider this to be suspicious behavior and block either the update or the downloaded files from operating. Products that have been known to create these issues are Symantec (Norton), AVG, and McAfee. CDesk WILL work with these products, but they have to be configured to exempt CDesk.
If you have a problem with CDesk installing or starting up and you have a personal firewall installed, you will need to configure the firewall software to exempt the AdaptiveVoice directory and specifically two programs. CDeskM.EXE and Start.EXE are located in the AdaptiveVoice\CDesk directory.
It is not possible for AdaptiveVoice to document the exact steps for each security product. Either consult your security vendor, local computer support personnel or the security product documentation. If you do not have access to any of these sources of support, AdaptiveVoice does offer remote setup and installation of CDesk products that includes re-configuration of the installed security products. Contact Support for applicable pricing for this service.