CDesk by AdaptiveVoice

About Company

When Randyce Wechter, a successful owner of a wholesale bakery company, was diagnosed with optic neuritis, and lost sight in both of her eyes over the course of two years, it had a devastating impact on her and her family. In that time of need, Randyce was welcomed into the blind community with open arms and mountains of support. In attempting to regain productivity in a computerized world, Randyce tried many options on the market to do her basic, everyday computer functions, and found that many were either too complicated, too expensive, or both. She and her husband Michael - a respected computer developer and programmer for 35 years - decided there had to be a better way, and they also found that their opinion was shared by many who had been suffering in silence.

That was 10 years ago.

Since that time, Randyce miraculously regained some of her sight back - but that didn't stop the idea and the development of the CDesk program. Randyce and Michael decided that this was their opportunity to give back to the community that helped them, gave them support and friendship when they needed it most. Over the past year, with the help of many of their friends in the low vision community, CDesk is now finally ready to help others regain the ability to be a part of the computer world, much as it did in Randyce's life. CDesk allows a person to do most of the simple everyday tasks that we all do at our computers, and do it simply, intuitively, and at a price that makes sense. Additionally, every sale of CDesk results in a donation back to the low-vision community to keep the resources flowing to those who need it most. Randyce is a Founding Member, and currently active President Emeritus and Advocacy Chairman for the Orange County Chapter for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. She is the Vice Chairman 2009-2011 Foundation for the Preservation of Sight Low Vision Council in conjunction with the Southern California College of Optometry. She also volunteers for the Shared Vision International Art Exhibit for SCCO. Randyce brings an especially unique perspective to her passionate work in the search for fighting blindness, she was totally blind for over 5 years, and has since regained her sight to the level where she is able to drive. To share her experiences and stay involved in the vision community, in addition to her work with the FFB, Randyce has been a teacher of Music Appreciation, Sensory Awareness, Support Group Facilitator and is currently a Peer Support Team Counselor at the Braille Institute of Orange County. Randyce has previously served on the Easter Seals - Project Action Team, representing UCI, Orange County in Washington D.C.. Email me

Randyce is currently President of AdaptiveVoice and is marketing partner in Patcare Inc., a state of the art electronic medical records and practice management software company.