AdaptiveVoice Support is available via email to

If you are having issues on starting and running an older version of CDesk, please do the following before you install CDesk Community Edition.

1). Delete any CDesk icons on your Windows Desktop screen
2). Delete the entire C:\AdaptiveVoice directory from your computer

Currently, You must do downloading using Internet Explorer.

Steps to install/Update CDesk Community Edition

1). Turn off User Account Control in the Windows Control Panel application
2). Logon as the Local System Administrator. Many of the features of CDesk require Local Administrator access
3). Click on the Initial CDeskM Download/Update link below. Depending on your operating system you might be told the application is 'suspicious'. This is normal. You will need to find and click on the Run Anyways button.
4). The download will take several minutes and should take you to the registration screen.
5). In order to setup your Email and/or BARD access, click on the S (setup) button from the Main Menu screen.
Note: If you have issues downloading and installing CDesk, please first review the FAQs
 Initiate CDesk Community Edition Download/Update

If you are looking for CDesk for Media, it is no longer available. BARD access is available within the CDesk Community Edition product.

 Allow AdaptiveVoice Remote Support Access (no code)